søndag 5. februar 2012

red velvet and sparkling wine

1. New skinproducts from Avène. 2. Breakfast - tea and toast 3. More toast. 4. Livingroom. 5. I made red velvet cupcakes. 6. Fresh flowers, allways a winner. 7. The red velvet cupcakes I made(which looked more brown than red...). 8. Outfit. 9. Cava, yummi. 10. Dinnertime. 11. Homemade dinner: Chicken, sweetpotato fries and spinachsalad. It`s the first time i made this, and I have to say it tasted pretty great, hehe.

This is how I prefere to spend my weekend when it`s snowing cats and dogs outside and the thermometer showes - 13 degrees celsius. I hope that my readers had a great weekend too!

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