fredag 6. januar 2012

2011 highlights - part two


A very good friend of mine was going to leave the town and move to Venezuela, 
and in that occation we (me and my girls) went on a little trip to a cottage on a island called Skåtøy.

The last rays of sun.

Everyday happiness.

I was one of the top ten finalists in a fashion competition arranged by Costume (Fashion magazine)


I went to Nice (and Monaco) with my best friend. Perfect days which I btw miss!

I ate cakes and bought a sequin skirt.


I was in birthday parties and baked Christmas cookies.

I was longing for Christmas and Advent and bought a new dress (Bubbleroom).


I ate a lot of nice food (which I ate up before I even thought of taking a picture).

I bought some crazy pants (in my opinion).

I finally bought the YSL Tribtoo pumps which I`ve wanted for years!

I had a big exam coming up (not a highlight though). Kusmi tea and candy canes helped me coming through it!!

I had a lovely Christmas vacation.

And last but not least, I had a wonderful New Years Eve.

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  1. Tävla och bli dagens blogg hos mig :) Bli sedd av över 6600 prenumeranter.