mandag 25. juli 2011

we`ve only just begun

Top: Acne
Boots: Hunter
Bag: Marc`O Polo
Sunglasses: Ray ban
(Boring and relaxed outfit)

It feels kind of wrong to blog right now, but at the same time we should think of something else than the tragical thing which happened in Oslo and Utøya three days ago (and we will offcourse never forget)...

So, on saturday me and my friends went to a consert with Ingrid Olava on a island in Kragerø called Skåtøy. She is so amazing and down to earth, and I really respect her because she didn`t cancel the concert in terms of the situation. We all where sad and moody, but it was a nice day though (as nice as it can be after such a horrible tragedy.You can see the sadness in everybody`s face). 

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