søndag 13. februar 2011


Blazer: Gina tricot
Shorts: Bik Bok
Ring: Arts & Crafts
Watch: Rolex
Belt: Emporio Armani
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I had a really great Sunday today. Even though my shape wasn`t exactly perfect, I did a lot of sensible things. I exercised, washed my room, made breakfast for my mother, made a photoalbum to my dear friend Maiken (wich just turned 18 years old!), enjoyed the sun, read fashion magazines while I listened to nice music and I`ve also been in a birthday party. Now I am charging up for school tomorrow with a nice cup of tea and "Fangene på fortet" on the television.

I hope you guys had a lovely Sunday too!

(P.s. Happy mothers day!)

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